Areopoli is a well preserved historical town with stone paths and traditional tower houses which were built for social and defensive reasons. The town took its name from the Greek God of War Ares and was the capital of the historical district of Inner Mani (Mesa Mani). Like the rest of the Mani settlements, Areopoli is known for the contribution during the battles of Greece against the Ottoman Empire.

At the central square of the village “Platia Athanaton” you will come across the statue of Petrompeis Mavromichalis, the famous chieftain and offspring of the Mavromichali family. Mavromichalis family originated from Areopolis and is widely known for their fighting spirit during the battles of Greece. Around the central square there are a lot of traditional restaurants and cafes.

The Taxiarchis church with the impressive bell tower is the landmark of this city. It is located in the historical square (called 17th March 1821) of the city. This church is widely known for being the place where the residents of Mani participated in the liturgy before they swore “Freedom or Death”. This phrase was the motto of the Greek War of Independence in 1821 against the Ottoman Empire and reveals the determination of the Greeks to finally get rid of the Ottoman occupancy. On this historical square the flag of the Greek Revolution was raised. If you take a closer look you can still see the hole of the flag, which is the only spot of the square that hasn’t been touched since the 17th of March in 1821. Source

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