Gerolimenas is a village with fishing port in south Mani peninsula. Its name means “old port” and in the past it used to be an important harbor which sent Maniot goods to Piraues and the island of Syros. Today the village is small and quiet but from all the rest places in this part of Mani, Gerolimenas is the most visited by tourists as it has a few hotels, mini markets, tavernas and cafes.

Like all Limeni, Gerolimenas is very picturesque with the old stone buildings on the background of fishing boats and blue sea. It also has a small sheltered pebbly beach. Those who find it hard to replace sand with the big smooth pebbles can find a couple of nice sandy beaches south of Gerolimenas. The village of Vathia which appears on almost all photos of Mani is 10 km away, and Cape Tenaro at the end of the peninsula is at a distance of 17 km. Source