Modern Pylos is located in the west end of Messenia, opposite a long island called Sphacteria, and the protected coast of the natural harbor of Navarino Bay. This beautiful town is warmed up by the inexhaustible Greek sun, even during the winter time.

Pylos is a prosperous region bearing a long history and remarkable cultural heritage. Having even been quoted in the Homeric poems, Pylos has all the credentials to be characterized as a “Eutopia” (εὖ- τόπος > good place). The warm Mediterranean sun and clear waters, the long history and stunning habitat make Pylos the centre of the northwest part of Messenia! Given the natural assets of this land, what more could anyone possibly ask for? The entire site of Navarino, from Egaleo Mountain, Korifasio and St. Nicholas to Sphacteria, is shielded by the abundance of light, the memories of the past, the olive trees and their the fruits along with the natural springs.  Source

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