Stoupa is the most known and beautiful destination in the mani region. Originally the village was called Potamos from the river crossing it. A few years ago the village was literally a soulless quiet fishing village with a few residents. It has three beautiful beaches. A central one is exactly in front of the village Halicoura in the south part and the large renowned Kalogria on the north side of the village. The above-mentioned beaches are probably some of the reasons that the village has been experiencing tourist development in recent years. Now it is ready and has reached a level that can offer all the necessary infrastructure for the accommodation of thousands of tourists. The settlement of Stoupa is a newly built settlement that involved rapidly to a very famous tourist resort. Stoupa has become internationally famous for its two beautiful beaches the beach of Stoupa exactly in front of the settlement and the beautiful beach of Kalogria. These are two picturesque, shallow, sandy, and organized beaches with transparent waters that attract visitors from around the world. As so far as tourist services one can find everything in Stoupa. Tasteful and comfortable rented apartments and hotels, food of good quality, cafeterias and bars for night entertainment, and the most important of all people willing to accommodate you with whatever you need. The area is ideal for someone who loves camping. A campsite in the area is clean and comfortable and only 300 m from the sea. Finally if one has a romantic soul except for the beaches it is worth coming and enjoying the enchanting sunsets from any part of the village. Nobody can question the beauty of the village however it remains in many people’s memory not only for this but because the beach of Kalogria is the place where Nikos Kazantzakis and Alexis Zorbas lived, working in abandoned today mines of Prastova, where they met. It is here where the great Cretan author was inspired and wrote the masterpiece Zorbas the Greek, so for many years thousands of foreign visitors mostly Europeans come to Stoupa to get to know the place for Which they read about.


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