Journey from Athens Airport to Costa Navarino

Journey from Athens Airport to Costa Navarino: A Comprehensive Guide

The journey from Athens Airport to Costa Navarino is scenic and interesting, providing traffic to the region a combination of cultural, historic, and natural sights. Whether you W Costa Navarino, The Westin Resort Costa Navarino, or The Romano’s, a Luxury Collection Resort As it is going, this guide will offer all the necessary facts for a super ride.


Costa Navarino, positioned within the southwest Peloponnese, is a famous luxurious and entertainment in. It is famous for its lovable resorts and picturesque surroundings, making it the ideal area to get away of the hustle and bustle of metropolis life. This article discusses the adventure from Athens Airport to Costa Navarino, highlighting the principle points of interest and providing useful journey recommendations.

Starting Point: Athens International Airport

Athens International Airport, additionally known as Eleftherios Venizelos, is the main gateway for international tourists to Greece. The airport is prepared with cutting-edge services, giving you a superb beginning to your journey.

Travel Options from Athens Airport   

  • Renting an automobile: Renting a car is a popular choice, giving you the liberty to discover at your own tempo. Reputable car rental corporations function at the airport, imparting automobiles to fit your desires.
  • Private transfers: Consider booking a personal switch carrier to offer a nice and problem-loose option. Companies like provide dependable and comfortable direct transportation to Costa Navarino.
  • Public Transportation: Although inconvenient, public transportation alternatives together with buses and trains can also get you to Costanvarino, even though there are greater frequent transfers and longer adventure instances.

The Route to Costa Navarino

Costa Navarino is set three hundred km by way of automobile from Athens Airport and takes 3.5 to 4 hours. The experience isn’t always only approximately getting for your vacation spot, but also about seeing the beautiful Greek nation-state and ancient websites.

Key Attractions Along the Way

  • Corinth Canal: An hour’s force throughout the Corinth Canal. Connecting the Aegean Sea with the Ionian Sea, this engineering marvel offers breathtaking perspectives and is the correct spot for a quick photo stop.
  • Ancient Corinth: A quick pull away from the river, Ancient Corinth is an essential archaeological website. Explore the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and historic markets that provide glimpses of Greece’s wealthy history.
  • Nafplio: Another hour’s power will take you to Nafplio, one of the most stunning cities in Greece. Known for its stunning antique metropolis, Venetian architecture, and staggering Palamidi Castle, Nafplio is well really worth a visit.
  • Mycenae: Ancient Mycenae, near Nafplio, is some other ancient gem. Known for the Lion’s Gate and the tomb of Agamemnon, it’s miles a have to-go to for records buffs.
  • Kalamata: As you method your vacation spot, keep in mind stopping in Kalamata. Famous for its olive bushes, this bustling town offers lovely beaches and interesting trekking trails.

Arrival at Costa Navarino

The Costa Navarino is a high-priced resort that gives many high-quit accommodations, each offering unique studies and international-class amenities.

1. W Costa Navarino

W Costa Navarino is thought for its warm atmosphere and contemporary design. There are colorful bars, exceptional eating places and amusement options.

2. The Westin Resort Costa Navarino

The Westin Resort Costa Navarino is best for families and those looking for an extra relaxed surrounding. There are majestic golfing courses, a tranquil spa and masses of outside activities to make certain a memorable stay for every age.

3. The Romano’s, a Luxury Collection Resort

Romano gives a great combo of luxury and way of life. Its luxurious structure, non-public villas and impeccable service offer an unheard of revel in of comfort and sophistication.

Attractions in Costa Navarino

  • Voidokilia Beach: One of the nice seashores in Greece, Voidokilia Beach is a herbal surprise with an uncommon complete moon and crystal clean water.
  • Nestor’s Castle: Explore the nicely-preserved ruins of Nestor’s Castle, a vital archaeological web page of the Mycenaean length.
  • Polilimnio Waterfall: A brief drive from the Costa Navarino, this waterfall gives a clean escape from the cascading waterfalls and natural swimming pools.
  • Gialova Lake: This included place is a haven for hook watchers and nature enthusiasts. There are loads of birds and beautiful trekking trails.

Practical Tips for the Journey

  • Travel time: Start your journey early to keep away from visitors and make the maximum of the attractions along the way.
  • Travel: Use a reliable GPS or map to ensure you stay on course while shifting, especially if you’re touring sights.
  • Fuel stops: Plan for gasoline stops, as there are few gas stations on a few sections of the route.
  • Snacks and water: Carry snacks and water at the trip, especially in case you are travelling with kids.


The journey from Athens Airport to Costa Navarino is greater than simply a switch; it’s far an opportunity to find out Greece’s rich records and breathtaking surroundings. Whether you pick out to force, lease a personal automobile, or take public transportation, this guide guarantees which you have all the data you want for a smooth and fun journey. Costa Navarino awaits inside the adorable inns and surroundings that surround us, and it promises to be a memorable experience for every tourist.

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Step into the Mani Peninsula

Greece’s Hidden Playground

Right, where the deep blue Mediterranean kisses the rugged Taygetos Mountain, Mani beckons with stories etched in every grain of its land. I’m the local cab guy, your friendly guide to every secret corner of this untamed beauty. Let me take you through Mani, a place where each rock, shore, and town has an epic tale to whisper.

Explore Mani’s Wonders: A Land of Striking Differences

Mani is a masterpiece of opposites coexisting beautifully:

Outer Mani: It’s your first stop, like a warm hug from quaint seaside towns! Picture yourself wandering stone-lined streets, lounging on untouched sandy stretches, and indulging in seafood, so fresh it still tastes of the ocean.

Inner Mani: Dive into the heartland, and the majestic Taygetos mountains greet you with open arms. This is the spot for thrill-seekers, with paths that twist through old woods and sneak you into age-old monasteries hidden away from the world.

Bottomless Mani: Go as far south as you can, and you’ll enter a realm of legends and silence. Here, abandoned stone towers and villages stand still in time. Vathia, an almost forgotten town, is a beautifully haunting piece of Mani’s stormy history.

The Stone Sentinels of Mani: Echoes from the Ages

The stone turrets of Mani aren’t just for show—they’re storybooks set in stone. Built to be both homes and fortresses, these towers rise as monuments to the unstoppable spirit of its people. Stop by Vathia to touch the ancient drama of life and strife.

Mani’s Hidden Gems: Caves and Shores

Mani’s coast is a treasure trove of secret bays, stone-pebbled strands, and swimming spots clear as glass. Make sure to explore the Diros Cave, a marvel where you can float through a palace of natural art.

A Flavor Quest: Mani’s Mouthwatering Treats

Mani’s kitchen is as honest and rich as its earth. Olive oil is the local liquid star here, turning the simplest meals into feasts. You’ve got to try “siglino,” the smoked pork flavor bomb that packs all of Mani onto your plate.

The Soul of Mani: Open Hearts and Open Doors

What truly makes Mani special? The people. Their kindness and generosity are sunnier than the Greek sky. Here, you’re not just passing by—you’re one of us, sharing stories and smiles over a steamy cup of Greek coffee.

Smooth Rides in Mani: Your Taxi Companion

As your go-to taxi guy, I promise a ride as smooth as the sea on a calm day. Whether you’re jetting in from the airport or wanting to roam the corners of Mani, I’ve got your back.

Set Off on a Trip to Treasure

Uncover the Mani Peninsula, the hidden jewel nestled in the Peloponnese’s embrace. Brimming with unrivaled tales, breathtaking views, and delectable bites, Mani is poised to steal your heart and stir your soul. Are you ready to make stories in Mani that will last a lifetime? Let’s hit the road and soak in the magic together!

Athens to Kalamata taxi trip

Athens airport to Kalamata taxi transfer

Travelling with us from Athens to Kalamata is a part of your holiday. It takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes to cover the distance (270 km) between the two cities.

We normally suggest that you make a short stop to see the Corinth Canal and admire the incredible mountain views. We always use spacious cars to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The price charge includes all expenses (journey, tolls etc.) and the payment could be made in various forms (cash, bank transfer, card payment).

We also have the opportunity to visit other places before we arrive in Kalamata, such as Naphplio, Epidaurus, Mycenae and Agia Theodora. If you have any other places in mind, it would be our pleasure to drive you there.

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Costa Navarino

Transfer from Kalamata airport to Costa Navarino

Traveling in Messinia region there is a big resort called Costa Navarino Dunes that includes two luxury hotels : The west in and The Romanos. Starting your holidays from Kalamata airport it is less than one hour trip and three and a half hours traveling from Athens airport. A luxury journey with Transfer Me is our suggestion for starting and ending your holidays in region of Messinia.

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Stoupa - Messinia

Taxi services from Kalamata airport to Stoupa

Stoupa is one of the most popular villages of Messinia. The traditional way of builded houses and the beautiful blue sea makes this place a lovely choice. The easiest way to arrive in Stoupa is coming from Kalamata airport with many direct flights from most cities of Europe. The other way is traveling from Athens airport. We support both ways of traveling and our prices are very reasonable. Don’t miss the chance to contact us and receive the best quote. Check for the cost of taxi from Kalamata airport to Stoupa.

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Transfer me - Costa Navarino - Kalamata - Athens airport

Transfer me - Costa Navarino - Family destination

Costa Navarino – The ultimate family destination

Costa Navarino has been voted one of the best resorts in Greece and one of the foremost holiday destinations in Europe.

In 2017 The Westin Resort Costa Navarino has been voted among the Best Resorts in Europe in Condé Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards. It features an amazing selection of deluxe rooms, family rooms and suites in a privileged seaside location on a verdant hillside that affords an alluring mix of golf, sea and pool views.

Also the Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort at Navarino Dunes in the Peloponnese is Recognized as one of the finest resorts in Greece and was honored at the Condé Nast Traveler Readers Travel Awards in 2011, 2012, 2013 as well as 2017.

You can learn more for The Westin and Romanos  resorts at and see how special they are by watching the video below showcasing kids activities:


Need a taxi or minivan transfer to Costa Navarino? Our team at Transfer Me is ready to arrive at the day and time of your choice!

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