The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Between Kalamata and Athens

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Between Kalamata and Athens

Are you planning a trip from Kalamata to Athens? It does not matter whether you want bus, train, or flight information. Even more than that, learn why our private transfer service will be your best experience for a comfortable and convenient transfer.

Why Choose Our Transfer Service?

When you need to travel from Kalamata to Athens, we specialize in comfort and reliability. This is ensured in our transfer service:

  • Door-to-Door Service: With this service, you will be able to get through public transportation or hailing a taxi. We’ll pick you up and drop you off from and to your destination of choice. 
  • Comfort and Convenience: Travel in style in our well-maintained vehicles with modern amenities. 
  • Flexibility: Since we fit within your schedule, we have the flexibility to offer different pickup and drop-off times. Safety: Professional drivers are available to ensure a safe and smooth journey. 

Travel Options from Kalamata to Athens and Vice Versa


Busing is a widespread and inexpensive choice for the people around here. Typically, the journey from Kalamata to Athens via the bus takes roughly 3-4 hours, considering factors such as traffic or the prevailing weather conditions. Some of the regular bus operators are big ones, like the KTEL.

  • Booking Tickets: Bus tickets are available online or at the bus station. 
  • Bus Stations: Buses leave Kalamata Central Bus Station and reach Athens’ Kifissos Bus Station. 

Train Travel

At present, there is no passenger rail service connecting Kalamata and Athens. Given this, searches will often bear no fruit in an already cumbersome journey due to transfers.

Alternative: Choose the transfer service and avoid the inconvenience of changing trains or carrying luggage in crowded stations. 

3. Flights

The speediest travel option is a 45-minute flight from Kalamata to Athens, though some time will be wasted due to airport check-in and security checks.

  • Airlines: Aegean Airlines and Sky Express have scheduled flights. 
  • Airports: Departure from Kalamata International Airport; arrival at Athens International Airport. 

Popular Routes

Kalamata to Costa Navarino

  • Bus: Buses go directly to the accommodation. 
  • Transfer Service: You can experience a direct and luxurious transfer with us, free from unnecessary stops. 

Kalamata to Stoupa

Bus: Limited bus services. 

Shuttle Service: With our shuttle services, enjoy a comfortable, non-stop trip. 

Athens to Kalamata

  • Bus: Regular services by KTEL. 
  • Flights: More than one flight per day. 
  • Shuttle Service: Enjoy a non-stop ride where you dictate the time of your journey. 

Why Opt for Our Transfer Services?

  • Stress-Free Travel: no more crowded buses or trains. 
  • Personal Experience: Tailored travel packages to suit your very own itinerary.
  • Competitive Pricing: It is about attractive pricing without compromising comfort and quality.

How to Book Our Transfer Services

Booking with us is fast, easy, and hassle-free. 

  • Visit Our Website: Visit our website booking form. 
  • Contact Us: Please call or email us with any questions; personalized responses are best. 
  • Instant Confirmation: Your booking is confirmed instantly. 

Final Thoughts

Transfers are also a more convenient option than buses and flights since one enjoys an individual attitude and is super comfortable with our company. Get the experience of a lifetime on your ride between Kalamata and Athens by availing of a transfer with us. Can we assist you in booking your transfer? Contact us today to ensure a smooth traveling experience!